Taking Precision to New Heights

NOTICE: Our owner and lead gunsmith, David Seth, was recently involved in a serious motorcycle accident which injured his leg in multiple places. The surgeons have assured us that there will be no long term issues, but there could be a couple of months before he is able to walk again. As such, there is going to be a delay on some work, and some odd hours. 

Any work which can be purchased on this website will move forward as normal, so continue purchasing trigger work without worry! One of the biggest issues however will be the odd hours. Due to scheduling conflicts, there may be some days where the shop just has to be closed. Please call before you head up to the shop; we will keep the shop answering machine current with our schedule as soon as we know it! 

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding with this issue, and rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to get back up to 100% capacity as soon as possible! 

We build high quality firearms and provide solid services, matching our customers needs and budget with worthwhile options. Our firearms are designed to be run hard, to be able to withstand any abuse you can throw at them, be reasonably priced, and still shoot with the best in the world. Give our firearms a shot... You won't be disappointed.

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