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Bolt Action Cerakote

Bolt Action Cerakote Bolt Action Cerakote Bolt Action Cerakote Bolt Action Cerakote Bolt Action Cerakote Bolt Action Cerakote Bolt Action Cerakote
We are here in the PNW, and in case you didn't know, it rains a lot. We tend to beat on our bolt guns outside in the rain a lot. Cerakote is literally a Godsend
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$ 180.00
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Please Note!! This service and pricing is ONLY for the following rifles! Savage 10/110, 11/111 etc. Remington 700 (all models), Winchester 70, Tikka T-3, and the Ruger M77 rifles (all models).

If your rifle is not on this list, give us a call. It may be the same cost, or it may be more. The first step is to fully disassemble the rifle. The above rifles are 'standard'; we have the tools and routine to knock them out quickly. Many of the older rifles, or other brands (for example, anything with Browning engraved on the side...) are either more complicated, we don't tear them down as often, or we don't have the specific tools to tear them down. So give us a call before you send in your other firearm.  

Unless you were introduced to guns yesterday, you've heard of Cerakote. It's rapidly become the industry for firearm coatings, on everything from artsy benchrest rifles, tactical 'black' guns, all the way to super expensive safari rifles.

Cerakote is a baked on ceramic, incredibly durable, and rust proof. Of course nothing is indestructible, but this is about as close as you'll get. The best way to describe it is, if you hit the firearm in such a way to gouge the underlying metal, it will obviously cut through the Cerakote. But a typical dent in the metal won't break through the Cerakote, and even if you manage to eventually rub through a spot (or on the edge of a gouge), the surrounding Cerakote won't chip or peal. 

Typically we find that if, for example, you drop the firearm on a rock, you'll get a mark on the firearm, but it's usually the rock coming off on the Cerakote. You can usually take your thumb and rub off the mark. The sheen of the Cerakote may have changed, but it's structurally undamaged and will continue to protect the firearm.

The Service
On a bolt action we typically coat the entire barreled action, bottom metal, bolt handle, bolt shroud, and any other small parts that make up the receiver/bottom metal assembly.

We do NOT coat:
Bolt body
Triggers or any part of the trigger mechanism (safeties on a Rem 700 for example) 
Muzzle devices intended to be a suppressor mount
Internal or small bolt parts such as extractor, ejector, firing pin, etc. 

We usually CAN coat (but it's an extra charge): 
Scope bases and mounts
Random other stuff that you are sticking on your firearm, but is not part of the core firearm. 

We keep all the colors listed in stock, and ready to go. The single color price is restricted to the colors listed, however you are not limited to those colors. Cerakote makes a mind blowing assortment of colors and textures, and then those can be mixed to create truly any color imaginable. However you're getting into the custom realm here, so that requires contacting us for a consultation and quote. 

Patterns are also limited only by your imagination, however we have a few primary ones. 'Battleworn' or 'distressed' is very popular, and I'll be honest... it looks cool, and it doesn't matter if you scratch it. So that's a great feature. Three Color Multicam is probably our most popular option, and it also looks great and hides wear well. And the Torn pattern is our own invention; it provides solid camouflage at a reasonable price. 

We have several digital stencil cutters, and a fair bit of artistic and computer talent. If you're looking for a custom pattern, or something more personal like a logo, motto, artwork, whatever... we can probably make that happen. Just shoot us an email and we will get a consultation and quote going for you. 

We get a lot of people who want to bring us firearm parts for Cerakote. Invariably we ask if they can fully disassemble them; the customer assures us they can, and then brings us a 1911 with the slide and grips removed. That is the WORST possible situation. It seems like every time a customer brings us a partially disassembled firearm, when they go to put it back together, a part is missing, and no one knows where that part went. 

To avoid confusion, conflict, and stress for everyone, we will ONLY accept fully assembled firearms. You give us a complete and functioning firearm, and we return you the same in a different color. All prices include tear down, assembly, and testing as needed. 

If you want to send us FULLY disassembled firearms (for example, a stripped upper/lower/handguard, or freshly re-barreled Remington 700 receiver), contact us first for a quote. But we expect that there will not be one pin, spring, or screw in that gun when we get it. 

If you have ANY question regarding this procedure or policy, please contact us BEFORE shipping your firearm. 

And Finally...
Firearms are beyond complicated, and there is an incredibly amount of variation even among the models listed hear. You then have an incredible number of companies building aftermarket stuff for these guns, on top of the unknown of use and abuse over decades. You throw in the variable of custom Cerakote, and one Remington 700 could be a super quick project, and another Remington 700 could take days or weeks. If we run into any issues with your project that would change the price or timeline, we will notify you promptly and come up with a good solution. 

Spend ten minutes on Cerakote's gallery, and you will be amazed at the variety and creativity in the firearms community, and you'll probably find something you MUST have. That's cool, and we can help you. Save the picture and send it to us along without firearm description, and we'll get back to you with a quote. All of our 'normal' stuff was once a brand new thing; who knows, you may discover the next 'battle worn!' 


Bolt Action Cerakote
Bolt Action Cerakote
Bolt Action Cerakote
Bolt Action Cerakote
Bolt Action Cerakote
Bolt Action Cerakote
Bolt Action Cerakote
Bolt Action Cerakote
Bolt Action Cerakote
Bolt Action Cerakote
Bolt Action Cerakote
Bolt Action Cerakote
Bolt Action Cerakote
Bolt Action Cerakote


We all love Rugers, but their finish sucks. Despair not, you can replace the thick paint with a baked on ceramic in any color or pattern imaginable.
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