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Glock Slide Work

Custom Glock slide, Red dot milling, Cerakote, star spangled banner, patriotic Glock Slide Work Glock Slide Work Glock Slide Work Glock Slide Work Glock Slide Work Glock Slide Work Glock Slide Work
Of all the features on a Glock, the slide is probably the most 'meh' and slippery. Ooooor... you can look at it as a blank canvas!
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By popular request, we've finally got our Glock slide work as a separate thing! I get it, you just can't stand how awesomely grippy the stippling is that comes with the full package. No seriously, it's okay, we don't judge you... 

But seriously, there are a million reasons why you might just want to have the slide done. We have a lot of walk in customers that have already done their own grip work, or whatever. So, here you go. 

You've got a couple of options. The biggest choice, what kind of slide serrations do you want? There's a basic option and an 'upgraded' option. (See pictures in the top corner for a better illustration of all this)

Basic Slide Work
The basic slide work is just that, the serrations we have been doing since day one. We deepen and sharpen the rear serrations, and add one extra. By actual measurements we are only removing a couple of thousandths in most directions, but I cannot overstate what a difference it makes. A lot of the serrations we are seeing are either very shallow, strictly cosmetic, or they are so aggressive they make your hands bleed when you're really running the gun hard. Ours are the perfect happy medium; if your hands are wet or slippery, this will give you grip, but it won't draw blood on it's own or snag on clothing. If you've got an MOS Glock, be sure to send in the MOS cover plate with it and we will cut the serrations across it too. Looks funny otherwise. 

Up front we add four angled serrations around the Glock logo on the left, and just full length on the right. These are cosmetically nice, and they give you a purchase point for a press check. To me, there is a sense of confidence that comes with performing a well executed press check before holstering up, you know your gun is loaded, you know it's back in battery, and there was no slipping or sliding as you were doing it. It's a mental thing as much as anything. These front serrations will be taken to the same depth as the rear serrations. By default these front serrations are done at an angle, but some folks like them square like the rear. We can do that, but that branches into the Custom Work (see bottom of page.) 

So that's the basic. Deepen, sharpen, and add one serration to the rear, and four angled serrations to the front. 

Upgraded Slide Work
We've been meaning to come up with a real name for this, but just haven't hit on a good one yet... suggestions? 

The concept behind this sprang from red dot's becoming so popular on handguns, but they get in the way of conventional 'over the top' slide manipulation. Not to say that you need to have a red dot on your gun to get this slide work, just giving you some history... 

The rear serrations are handled exactly the same as the basic slide work, so re-read that if you need a refresher. 

The front serrations are where it gets interesting. There will be a panel of serrations up front, surrounding the Glock logo as on the basic work, and extending back from there. The number of serrations depends on the length of the slide (G19, G17, G34, G17L, etc). This gives you a much larger footprint on the slide when trying to manipulate it quickly, rather than the controlled, low stress, press check that the basic serrations are designed for. 

(NOTE: With the upgraded slide work you have the option of having the serration panel towards the rear, just ahead of the ejection port, or towards the front by the muzzle. Which you pick is personal preference, some folks don't like getting their hand pinched in the barrel/ejection port area, some folks don't like the idea of their hand up by the muzzle. Personally, I like them towards the front, and I think that there's slightly more than half of our customers that also run towards the front. But again, no right answers here. We've got pictures of both) 

We then run 'corner cuts' from the front serration back to nearly the front edge of the ejection port. We discovered that most of the folks who are running with a red dot are reaching over the top and engaging their slide with the web of their thumb. Those corner serrations give you a ton of grip as that V-shape of your hand comes down on the top. 

And finally the corner flats. Admittedly, these are cosmetic... but we love them. We simply square up the corners of the slide from the last corner cut, all the way back to the rear of the slide. Again, strictly cosmetic... but still awesome. These will work with a red dot, because the bottom of our red dot cut comes to the bottom edge of these angles. 

Red Dot Machining
We machine a lot of red dots into Glock slides. They are all CNC cut, and turn out awesome. There is a slight discount if you are getting a red dot cut at the same time as you are doing other work. 

Should you get your gun cut for a red dot? Here's the pros and cons... The biggest pro is that we are able to really set most red dots quite deep, getting them lower to the center line than any MOS system will. The MOS system isn't cut quite as deep as we go, and then it has an adapter plate that lifts it up even farther. Also by machining it in, it will always look cleaner and more custom than an MOS system. 

It's not all rainbows and butterflies though; there are two major cons. First off, it's obviously permanent. There are some folks out there who are making filler plates, but they often don't look good or fit right. So if you decide that red dots aren't for you, you're left with a hole in your slide. More likely even, technology will progress and make your prized red dot into a dinosaur overnight, making it absolutely impossible for you to trust your life to it within a 24 hour period. (You think I'm joking, but we hear that) At that point, it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to re-machine it for a different red dot. So keep that in mind. 

The second major con is that, due to the internal design of a Glock, there isn't a lot of room between the internal safety plunger and the rear sight. At this point, pretty much the only sight that we will install that will fit between the two is the Trijicon RMR. A proven sight, but one which is not waterproof, and you have to remove to change the battery. The other sight that we regularly install and recommend even more, is the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. Great sight, couldn't be better, but it's long enough that you have to machine away the rear dovetail in order to make if fit. Leuopld does make a rear sight that snaps into the DP Pro, and a lot of guys just assume that if you are just that unlucky that your battery runs out at the same 0.0001% of your life that you find yourself in a gunfight, you can just use the window of the red dot itself as a rear sight, and shoot that way. It'll still be minute of bad guy at your most common gunfighting distances, and they feel it's worth the risk for the ability to more easily make headshots at longer distances when their red dot is working. This is an even great concern with the rise of bomb vests, hostages, and the ever present concern of making sure you can account for every bullet you release into the wild. 

It's a big subject and if you don't know what you want, you should call us or someone you trust before ordering the work. If you want a red dot machined other than a Trijicon RMR or a Leupold DP Pro, that also falls under Custom Work. PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT machine for any red dot without you sending an optic in, or buying one through us at the same time. Just so we can sleep somewhat soundly at night, I want to actually mount your red dot on your slide before we send it back. 

Last of all is the Cerakote. Obviously if we are machining on your slide there will be bare metal, so we will want to Cerakote that and get it protected. All prices are for a single color of Cerakote. Just pick you're color, and you're good to go! Of course the sky is the limit with Cerakote regarding colors or patterns, but again, that falls under Custom Work (see below). I'm sorry, we will not send a slide back without Cerakoting it. No exceptions. 

Custom Work
Everyone has their own idea about how this should look or function, and we are happy to oblige. If you want the serrations straight, or to the rear, or serrations across the top of the slide, it's all been done. If you want a custom color of Cerakote or a multicam pattern, we've done that too. If you want any kind of custom engraving, we can make it happen. Check out the Gallery tab on here for a bunch of different work we've done. 

All of that falls under a custom job. The best way to get that ball rolling is to email us with a description of what you are wanting done, and any pictures that you might have found. Think of it like getting a tattoo, the more pictures you can bring in, even if you just like one part of one picture, helps as we try to make your vision a reality. We will discuss with you what you want to happen, figure out a quote, and then email you an invoice. You'll follow the link which will have you check out here through our website, and from that point on it's a project just like any other! 



Custom Glock slide, Red dot milling, Cerakote, star spangled banner, patriotic
Glock Slide Work
Glock Slide Work
Glock Slide Work
Glock Slide Work
Glock Slide Work
Glock Slide Work
Glock Slide Work
Custom Glock slide, Red dot milling, Cerakote, star spangled banner, patriotic
Glock Slide Work
Glock Slide Work
Glock Slide Work
Glock Slide Work
Glock Slide Work
Glock Slide Work
Glock Slide Work

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