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Anti Tilt Follower for AI Pattern Magazines

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Introducing the first ever anti tilt followers for Accuracy International pattern magazines! AI magazines are the international standard for magazine fed bolt action rifles, and we would be the first to say, they make it pretty hard to improve on. 

But we get a lot of customers walking in wanting us to build rifles on some odd-ball cartridges. And when we are trying to get magazines to feed rounds they weren't really designed for, the factory follower system leaves something to be desired. We created this anti tilt follower to feed these unusual rounds, but then found that they work phenomenally well for feeding the normal rounds as well. 

These followers are made from self lubricating Delrin, and are precisely machined to fit any AI pattern magazines. These followers take the rattle out of the magazines, do not reduce the magazine capacity, and make the rounds feed with a great deal more 'snap'. 

You'll need to use a Dremel tool (yes, I said it... see if you can find one of those special Gunsmith rated Dremel tools) to grind off the rivets on the underside of the factory follower, and use the factory magazine spring. It will fit into the underside of our follower and function without issue. 

The Short Action .308 works in the standard double stack/single feed magazines, in both the five and ten round flavors. The Long Action followers are designed for the .300 Win Mag magazines. They are built for the longest Accurate Mag magazines, and will have to be fitted to any shorter magazines. 

If anyone has any questions, just let us know! We are incredibly excited about this project, and thrilled to see where it goes from here. Thanks for watching!