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Bolt Action Cerakote

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Please Note!! This service and pricing is ONLY for the following rifles! Savage 10/110, 11/111 etc. Remington 700 (all models), Winchester 70, Tikka T-3, and the Ruger M77 rifles (all models).

If your rifle is not on this list, give us a call. It may be the same cost, or it may be more. The first step is to fully disassemble the rifle. The above rifles are 'standard'; we have the tools and knowledge to knock them out quickly. Many of the older rifles, or other brands (such as anything with Browning engraved on the side...) are either more complicated, we don't tear them down as often, or we don't have the specific tools to tear them down. So give us a call before you send in your other firearm.  

Unless you were introduced to guns yesterday, you've heard of Cerakote. It's rapidly become the industry for firearm coatings, on everything from artsy benchrest rifles, tactical 'black' guns, all the way to super expensive safari rifles.

Cerakote is a baked on ceramic, incredibly durable, and rust proof. Of course nothing is indestructible, but this is about as close as you'll get. The best way to describe it is, if you hit the firearm hard enough to damage the underlying material, you'll damage the Cerakote. But since it bonds to the substrate so well, it wont chip even if you manage to scrape through it in a spot.

Typically we find that if, for example, you drop the firearm on a rock, you'll get a mark on the firearm. But it's usually the rock coming off on the Cerakote. You can usually take your thumb and rub off the mark. The sheen of the Cerakote may have changed, but it's structurally undamaged and will continue to protect the firearm.

The Service

On a bolt action we typically coat the entire barreled action, bottom metal, and the bolt handle. Depending on the fit, we can also coat the bolt body. If it's a tight fitting bolt we recommend not coating it. Cerakote is thin, but it can still be thick enough to cause the bolt to bind slightly, creating a 'sticky' feeling bolt. If the bolt is already loose, as is usually the case, coating it can actually help make it tighter and smoother.

Our base work does NOT include the stock. If you've got a non-rubberized polymer stock, we can certainly coat that as well.

Our standard camo pattern is our Torn pattern, which you can see in the pictures. We do have a digital stencil cutter which allows us to create virtually any pattern, logo, or moto that you can imagine. But that varies so much based on the colors, type of firearm, and what you're wanting done that it has to be a conversation, not a standard web order....

Feel free to contact us prior to ordering!