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Brimstone Custom BX Trigger

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  • $ 28.50

This is our machined aluminum trigger ONLY. Just the trigger. Not a trigger group. Not a trigger job. Just the trigger, and maybe some springs and stuff if you choose to do that.

Let me repeat. This is just the machined aluminum trigger, like in the picture to the left. Just so we are all clear. So don't buy this and then complain when ONLY A TRIGGER shows up in the mail. Because I know someone is going to do that... 

But in all fairness, it's a pretty sweet trigger, and you probably won't be disappointed. Assuming, of course, that you have a BX trigger group to put it in. In case you've been living under a rock in the 10/22 world, you're aware that the BX trigger has radically different internal geometry than a normal 10/22 trigger group, while working in the same housing. As such, we needed a different trigger to be able to do our trigger work. 

And let me tell you, this trigger with it's trigger return system makes a massive difference! The factory BX trigger isn't exactly bad, but it's long and squishy. The torsion trigger return spring is smoother and doesn't stack quite the same as the plunger based spring that they use, so all of a sudden instead of just long squishy movement, it helps to make 'stages' in the trigger appear. Of course without polishing and the rest of the work we do, there may still be creep. But this trigger helps a lot. The overtravel stop is of course very nice, and it's been our experience that this trigger greatly reduces the pre travel in the trigger as well. Your millage may very on that one, but that's what we are seeing. 

As far as we know, we are the only ones producing billet triggers for the BX trigger group at this point. Every trigger is CNC machined (not cast), and then finished in your choice of Cerakote. 

THESE ARE NOT DROP IN! They will require some fitting, and if you elect to get the (awesome) trigger return spring kit, that will require permanent modification to your trigger housing. Read the directions below, and make sure that you are comfortable with the work before you order the parts. 

(We are working on a video for installing these triggers, but until then all we have is this write up. If you're just buying the trigger, the Brimstone Trigger Fitting Guide is all you'll need. If you're buying the full trigger Kit, you'll ALSO need the Brimstone Trigger Kit Installation Guide

I think that about covers it. And again... this is just the trigger.