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Glock Trigger Work

Glock Trigger Work Glock Trigger Work
It will always feel like a Glock. So you Glock haters can just make like a 1911 recoil spring plug and get lost. For the rest, this is a HUGE improvement!
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When Gaston Glock designed his firearm, many of his peers did not see how incredible his design was, and continues to be to this day. However, most people agree that their triggers are a little shy of their claim of 'perfection.'

We have spent a great deal of time working on these triggers, and have played with a lot of options, from quite radical to the .25 cent polish. We ended up with something somewhere in the middle. 


Whatever the advertising posters may say, a GLOCK has two primary safeties. There is the lever in the trigger everyone is familiar with; it braces against the frame and until that lever is depressed the trigger cannot be pulled. The second major safety is a plunger in the slide which stops the striker from moving forward. As the trigger is pulled, it depresses that plunger, freeing the striker to move. The trigger continues to be pulled, and eventually releases the striker. Since the plunger is depressed, the striker is able to move fully forward and strike the primer. 

So for the above reasons, we cannot remove all of the pre-travel from a Glock trigger. There are some folks out there who do that while keeping the safeties in tact, but we have found that those triggers feel clunky and harsh. We prefer to leave a little bit of pre-travel in the trigger, which allows all of the safeties to function as designed without modification. We have found that the firearms are more reliable and the trigger pull is smoother and lighter.



So, we've resigned ourselves to living with a little bit of pre-travel. But after you press through that travel, things get good! The break will be vastly lighter and cleaner. Every GLOCK is unique, and behaves a little differently at this point. Some of them have a stronger 'wall' before the break, and sometimes there is almost no distinction between the pre-travel and the break. 

We modify some stuff to make the pistol break sooner, so even with the lighter connectors the break is still short. We then dial out the overtravel, making the firearm more accurate and making the break feel even more crisp. It also reduces the trigger return dramatically. 

So, once you press through that pre-travel the first time, the firearm goes off, and you now have a super short reset before you can start pulling the trigger again. At this point the break is going to feel very crisp and light. We have found that this trigger set up works exceptionally well whether you are shooting quickly, or going for precise aimed shots. 

We have found this trigger to be an excellent compromise in improving the shootability of the firearm, while maintaining all of the safeties and the excellent reliability of the gun. Look for a video describing everything soon! 

APEX Trigger

Apex is producing a very high quality aluminum trigger for the full size GLOCK's. It doesn't change the trigger 'feel;' in other words the pretravel, break, and overtravel are unchanged by installing this trigger. However the feel of the actual trigger on your finger is greatly improved. It's a much more flat face, both vertically and horizontally. We have found that especially on the Gen 4 firearms, they seem to have a more rounded face with a stronger spring behind the trigger safety which seems to really dig into your finger. This trigger has a super light and silky smooth safety lever which does not get in your way when you're shooting. Is this trigger a required upgrade for your GLOCK? Probably not, but it is a huge improvement, and every person working here at Brimstone has one in theirs.

Reduced Power Striker Spring

So part of the reason that GLOCK triggers are so safe is because you are actually pulling back the firing pin while you pull the trigger. So yeah, it really is kind of a double action trigger. That's great for safety, but it means you are having to depress that striker spring with your finger. The trigger spring actually helps to pull against the striker spring, but there's only so far you can go with a heavy spring. We hunted around and worked for a long time to find a spring that was lighter, but still heavy enough to be reliable, and we finally settled on a 4.5lb option. Yes, there are lighter options, even down to a particular company that offers a 2lb option, but they are just not reliable enough for us. It doesn't matter if its just competition, if your firearm regularly gets light primer srikes, it's going to be a frustrating paperweight. We are confident enough with the light weight spring that, if you test it thouraghly in your firearm first, we would even say it will work for self defense use. That said, your safest option for a primarily self defense gun, and certainly for a duty gun, is to keep the factory striker spring. It will still be much lighter and it will feel infinantly better, but you're just keeping that legendary GLOCK reliability.


Glock Trigger Work
Glock Trigger Work
Glock Trigger Work
Glock Trigger Work

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