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Muzzle Threading

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NOTE: Please read to the bottom of the page to be sure you are ordering the correct service for your firearm. 

There are just about more kinds of muzzle devices out there than there are kinds of firearms. Some are flash suppressors, some are muzzle brakes or compensators, some are strictly cosmetic.... and that's not even counting suppressors! 

There are clamp on systems but they never work very well. The standard for attaching anything to the muzzle is threading. We cut the threads between centers so that the threads are exactly concentric with the axis of the barrel. This ensures that if you're using a muzzle brake or a suppressor, you wont get any baffle strikes since the bullet will be passing exactly through the center of the muzzle device. We square the barrel shoulder at the same time, and make a relief cut behind the threads. This allows you to screw on anything and have it seat against the barrel shoulder, without needing a spacer or crush washer. (You can of course still use a crush washer). Once we are done threading we will put an 11* crown on the muzzle. This is important since we cut the threads between centers, we want to be sure that nothing was damaged or dinged. As you can just see in the picture, the lands are clearly visible and end square and clean. 

We have three options here: 

  1. None. You just want us to thread the muzzle and ship it back. 
  2. Install Spin-On Brake. You send us a spin-on muzzle brake. This means it either has spacers, crush washers, or it can be installed in any direction, such as the round ones with lots of holes. We will install these for no additional cost if you include it with your barrel/rifle. Keep in mind that while many brakes include a crush washer, many of them can be installed without if you want to time and blend them, and they look better that way. If you want us to just spin it on, select this option. If you want us to time and blend it, chose that option below. 
  3. Black/Silver Thread Protector. We can include a thread protector in either black or silver. It will be a knurled sleeve, in either a small or bull barrel diameter. We will choose the best diameter to match your barrel. See the pictures. We will install this for no additional charge. 
  4. Install Fitted Brake. We can install a muzzle brake you provide that needs to be timed and installed. Chose this option if you are including a brake, or buying a brake from use. We don't include instillation in the purchase cost of brakes for those folks who want to buy a brake from us, and have their local gunsmith install it. 


We recommend shipping us the complete firearm. You can pull the stock and save on shipping, but there's a really good chance that little pins or springs will fall out during shipping, and the hassle and trouble ends up costing more than it's worth. So, we recommend that you ship us the complete rifle. 

If you can send us just the barrel, or if you are comfortable completely stripping the rifle down to the bare action, that works and would save you some money. Our website will charge you for shipping a whole rifle back, so if you are shipping just a barrel or barreled action, give us a call and we can get some of that shipping cost refunded.