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Ruger 10/22 Barrel Shroud Service

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Now in stock and ready to go!

We love suppressors, and especially on a 22. They are cool and all on Glocks, and they are really nice to have when target shooting out in the woods, but they somehow lack the fun-factor of a suppressed 22. They are one of the few firearms which really starts to get down to the Hollywood quiet range when fired suppressed.

However there is one huge downside for your .22's, which are otherwise very compact and light weight firearms. That barrel which you had threaded at the legal minimum length of 16 inches is now pushing 20-24 inches with that suppressors screwed on. On top of just being more cumbersome, it also wont fit in your case which is actually a fairly serious drawback for the Ruger Takedown line of rifles.

We have a fix for that. We'll get some better pictures up in the near future, but basically we cut the factory barrel down to about 12 inches, then pin and weld this aluminum shroud on there which will bring the overall length back up to just over 16 inches. However since the inside diameter is 1.1 inches, you can slide most any (that we've found) 22 suppressor inside and spin it on to the stub of barrel which is still sticking out the center of the shroud. At that point, even suppressed, your overall length is shorter than the factory barrel length of 18 inches. Which trust me, is very cool. The only other option is buying the $200 tax stamp and creating a registered short barreled rifle, at which point you STILL have to send it in to a smith to have the barrel threaded. This gets you the same results a lot easier and cheaper. The short barrel also helps to keep rounds subsonic. We have found that, with this setup, standard velocity ammo is usually subsonic. That's not a guaranty of course, just what we've seen.

When we are done with the machining, your choice of Cerakote will be applied to the whole thing. That alone is a solid upgrade over the factory finish.

There's a couple of other possible upgrades as well, if you've already got the barrel in for this other work. First off, we are obviously going to have to cut off the front sight on the firearm, since it's machined into the barrel. Most folks these days are running optics anyway, so we can fill the rear dovetail before we Cerakote it, and make it look super clean and slick. (We are working on an option for iron sights which will work with this set up; we'll keep you posted)

The other option is getting the chamber re-cut. You'll soon see this listed as a separate service on our website, but the short version is, factory Ruger barrels are actually pretty good, they just have sloppy loose chambers. So we can get a ton more accuracy out of them by setting back the shoulder and shank on the factory barrel, and just cutting a nice tight Lilja chamber in there. We should have more descriptions of probable accuracy improvments in the future, but we are adding it here since there will be a discount on it if you're getting it down at the same time as the other work. Check back in for updates!